Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two for the price of one is my kind of deal!

So I spoke to friend #2 today after having a chat with my sis. I have known friend #1 & #2 for over 20 years and although (due to children) we dont see each other often we are the type of friends that just pick up where we left off.
After talking about how friend #2 had disappointed me with my sister, (mwah) I came to realise that stewing over it was stupid. Sis said 'what if this was your last day on earth.. is this the way you'd want to spend it?'. No way!! So I called friend #2 and she had a giggle when I said she'd upset me. "YOu know me, I tell it like it is. I felt crap and I couldnt be bothered coming over". Yes, I do know her. If i'd thought about it alittle more i'd have come to that realisation myself. Its alittle harsh but she does tell it like it is. And I love her for it.

So, enough of that. Today (because I still havent finished the blocks) Ive put up a few pics of some reversible pinafores that I've made for the girls (and some pressies too). Simple, comfy stuff and you get two for one. I havent made a heap of clothes for them, but i intend to.... once I get off the laptop.

Reversible pinafores. They are so cute and you get two tops in one. So when one of the sides gets dirty you just flip it over.

Fabric flower tute found here.


  1. I love the fabric in the first two pinafore photos. Makes me wish my niece was still young enough for those!

  2. Lovely dresses. Great idea with making them reversible. Saves washing and I appreciate that. Did you use a pattern or create your own?