Monday, March 22, 2010

I need a weekend after my weekend

This weekend was totally crazy. I think we spent more time out of the house than we did in it! Saturdays are always busy with swimming in the morning (which is great because it means we are out of our pj's before 9am) and Sundays are family days. This weekend was extra busy with a christening and our wedding anniversary. We also had a friends catchup night on the saturday night so all in all it was madness. The poor kids had a meltdown last night and this is the first time i've been able to have 5 minutes to write up a quick entry.

Ive been busy with the sewing as well. Here are a few things I made on the weekend:

Here is a paisley elephant for baby F on his christening on Sunday. Eventually I'll also make a quilt with jungle animals on it (aforementioned lack of square cutting). The elephant theme comes from the invite for the christening (which was elepahnt shaped.)

Here is the quickly made crayon rolls for two littles sisters who I haven't seen since before christmas. These were their christmas presents. I whipped these up in about 2 hours. After making 14 for christmas presents in December, Ive become an expert at them. I didn't dread doing them as much as i'd thought. I actually enjoyed it. ITs that instant gratification thing.

Letter G for Grace... her birthday was only 3 weeks ago!!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! (I tried to find an email address to respond back to but my super sleuth skills never kicked in. *laugh*)

    I love the elephant! And the bunny eggs. You have a great eye for fabric!