Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A spot of modelling and the essential little blue dress

Im grabbing 2 minutes between my shower and the kids having to get dressed to quickly post the pics of the little blue denim dress I made a few days ago for a birthday present. Miss G has a few little girlfriends and this birthday girl is one of her BFF's. I thought it appropriate to try something new with the machine and came up with a little improvisation on a simple a-line dress.

I added the frill at the bottom and a, well i guess you'd call it a kind of frilly bib at the top. Ofcourse both kids loved the smily flower buttons and Miss G took alittle convincing to take the dress off.

Hope you're having a great week.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthdays and new things

Hi all
Im hoping you're all well in your part of the world.

In this week's edition of not much happening I've got a new baby.... yep my hubby, mum and dad chipped in and provided me with some money as a substitute to a birthday present to go out and buy a new machine. I think they'd had enough of me swearing at my old machine and teaching the kids all sorts of colourful new words.

She's a Bernina Bernadette. I have a feeling she's the type of machine that is marketed to a 20 something that wants to sew and has alittle bit more money to buy a step up from a basic machine... but I love her. The kids are pretty impressed that it beeps and lights up too.
Photo by Miss G... she's getting better at the photography.

My first project was a small cushion using some lovely materials sent by Lisa a few weeks ago. Im not sure if its going into one of the girls rooms.. its currently sitting in the dining room waiting for a new home.

One of the many embroidery stitches available on the machine.

Otherwise, Ive been cross stitching a wedding present that now has no hope of being finished in time and planning a few more dresses for my girls.

Wishing you a lovely week :)