Monday, May 31, 2010


Have you all seen the work by Natalie Chanin? If not, check out her site . Here are but a few of the most beautiful pieces of fabric Ive seen in quite some time. It is all hand embroidered using various applique methods.

This bridal fabric is exquisite.

If only I were getting married now... I know what I would make for myself :)

These skirts are available as DIY kits from her store.

Yet another technique I'd love to try.

Lattice quilt top finished

I have finally finished the lattice type quilt top today. It took me a while because half way through I changed my mind and wanted to put a border around the body of the quilt. This meant that I needed more of the polka dot fabric and as I'd only bought fat quarters. Well that was my excuse for going to visit Patchwork with Gail B in Bayswater as I'd originally bought the fat quarters from the store at last years Quilt Convention.

Here are the pics. The arent great. Even I, the clueless one with no idea about photography, knows that its a no no to take pictures with the natural light in front of the camera. However, I wasnt going to to rearrange the furniture to get a good picture (and it would also mean picking up all the toys / clothes and miscellaneous stuff on the floor). Once ive quilted it I will take a better shot. I just though i'd put these up b/c im pleased ive finished it and it gave me an excuse to post a blog entry.

Mum, if you're reading this, guess what you'll be helping me do on thursday :) :)

In other news, my poor babies are sick. They have horrible coughs and Miss G, who is a cheeky little monkey, has been very subdued and generally quiet. This is the longest time shes been sick. There is still alittle cheeky in there though. Here is a shot of her and Libby, our dog. Libby got a makeover and then Gill decided she was going to have a lie down in Libby's corner.

Baby A can also be seen giving Libby a 'pat'. Libby, the long suffering dog, put up with it all. She is a very good natured dog.

Before I go, I'll leave you with a funny by Miss G. Ive posted most of her funny sayings up on my facebook status but I thought I'd share them here as she is a funny little mite.

The first funny I'll post occurred a few months ago whilst attending a christening. Our family are by no means religious but we will go to church when invited for someone's special occasion. Gill does love visiting churches. She (at the ripe old age of 3) really loves the big, pretty buildings. She especially loves Orthodox churches with all their candles and their weddings, as they usually throw lollies during the ceremony.

So getting back to Miss G, on this particular visit to a church, a friend, her little girl and Miss G went to the front of the church while the baby was being baptised. As the priest poured the water of the baby's head, Miss G asked our friend what he was doing to the baby. Our friend gave Miss G an explanation along the lines of the priest was putting a special prayer on the baby for Jesus. Miss G, not knowing who or what Jesus is, asks 'whats Jesus?'. Our friend giggles and tells Miss G that she'll explain it after the ceremony. A few minutes later a child a few pews back starts to talk. Miss G turns to our friend and says 'I think I can hear Jesus'.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just a quickie

This is a really quick post as im feeling rather fragile and need to watch some more Mad Men :) I made this pillow for another birthday boy who celebrated his birthday on the weekend. Due to a very stubborn 3.5 yr old, we didnt make the party but birthday boy did receive his present and by all accounts, was happy with it.

NOw back to the couch.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Thanks to all that left comments about the quilt fail the other day. Even thought all your comments were positive, Ive decided to start again. I'll chalk it up a learning experience and try again. Ive also consulted the numerous quilting magazines that Ive either bought or have had handed down to me and now can see the error of my ways. Too many colours. I'll keep to 3-4 colours and take it from there.

The birthday boy was one today but I didnt go empty handed. I decided that the flags I'd made (especially the Australian one) had way too much work on it to put it aside so I've whipped up some cushion covers. I like the way they've turned out. My colour scheme for the next quilt will be along the lines of the cushions so when they are out on the floor or bed together, they match. Here is a quick peek:

In other news, the girls and I were doing some beading yesterday morning and baby A started this colour combination:

Well she began with the blue, bright pink and red and I continued with the other colours. I think I'll have to make a quilt using these colours one day soon. They make me happy. It occured to me that these (many) beads were a good way of testing what colours worked together, so while the girls beaded,

so did I.

Hope your weekend is going well.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One of my not so good projects...

Ive been busy working on a quilt for a certain young man thats turning 1 in a few days. Ive been ironing, cutting, drawing, hand stitching and machine sewing in every spare moment to try and get the quilt done. Today I was ready to put together all the small panels to make one half of the quilt.... and they just didnt look right :(

I wanted to incorporate Mr N's parents heritage in the quilt as they are so different. The idea was to make the quilt using two halves (to represent the two halves of the world his parents come from). Each half would be made of smaller panels with images of unique animals, places and icons of each country.

After sketching, I was aware that the colours really didnt work but I convinced myself that once i'd made it with the fabric, it would all come together (as all the fabrics I was using tied in with the feature fabric). How wrong I was.... this is what the Australia panel looks like in fabric:

pretty much... just wrong!

I had my husband look at it. He doesnt think his opinion matters because he thinks he doesnt know much about 'these things'. However, I know that he has a good eye and can usually steer me in the right direction. So he says 'what you have here is an integration problem'. Yup I agree.

Individually the smaller panels are beautiful. But together they just dont work.

My map of Australia. This is my favourite panel. When I go back to the drawing board Im going to have to work out what I like about this and try to continue it with the other panels.

My 'ute' panel. I didnt realise till after i'd embroidered it that it looks like 'rute'. I guess thats still aussie as!

So its back to the drawing board for me. I have another small gift Im going to make the little man for his party on the weekend. The quilt will just have to be a belated birthday gift.

Disappointedly yours,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dancy pants

Ive been busy on a top secret quilt for a certain little Mr who turns 1 soon. Ive been so engrossed in the project that Ive not allowed myself time to blog. So while the hubby is hanging washing, baby A is catching up on an episode of Hi-5 and Miss G is out with her beloved Grandma, Im blogging (very quickly).

Other than the top secret quilt Im working on I managed to make Baby A some pants. Once finished and fitted to her, they reminded me of the pants ravers wear to raves. So they are now officially 'the dancy pants'. Im chuffed that she loves to wear them and if she sees them anywhere around the house (on the floor, hanging in the bathroom, drying on the inside rack) she'll pull them down and chant 'pants, pants, pants'. Makes her mummy happy.

Here they are:

As mentioned in my last post, I attended the Australian Quilt Convention and, the week after, the Stitches and Craft show. It was interesting to see the change in demographic at the two events. The younger set were prominent at the stitches show. Im not too sure why that was though. Maybe because the AQC was well know. Its certainly the first year I've heard about the Craft and Stitches show and I only happened to stumble across it from another blog.

Anyway this was the booty I picked up:

From the AQC I picked up this beautiful Japanese fabric from Kimono girls. Gorgeous, and i mean GORGEOUS Japanese fabrics sold by two lovely Japanese ladies dressed up in kimono.
I also picked up the fabric sheets with the intention of using them for abovementioned quilt. Since changed my mind but i am sure i'll use them for another project.

From the stitches and craft show I picked up some fabric, some mothers day gifts and some lovely little illustrations. Links to follow (when I have more time). Hope to be back soon but with only a week left till two birthdays, Ive got LOTS of work to keep me going.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy mothers day

First and foremost, Happy mothers day!

My day was spent driving from one side of Melbourne to the other. Im not complaining though. We got to visit my mother in law (who I love) and my mum (obviously I love her too), got to see all my nieces and almost all of our extended family. The kids had a blast, all the meals were prepared (I didnt even step inside a kitchen today for more than 5 minutes) and I even got to read some magazines!

As a gift, I was given a box of kisses by Miss G and a handmade bookmark, both made at kinder. I was also given a sleep in, however my back just wouldnt let me lie down anymore so I was up before 9am! Grr back. I was also given a leave of absense yesterday to attend the Craft and Stitches show. More on this in future posts.

As mentioned a few posts ago, talent really runs in the family. My mum is a fantastic sewer, crocheter and knitter (as well as a fantastic cook), my sister makes fantastic jewellery as well as sewing some gorgeous stuff (she made my girls matching pricess dresses which they love) and my niece... well can she draw!! This drawing was done by hand. This by a girl who hasnt reached her teens!

Needless to say Im very proud of my niece. I hope she continues to persue her passion.

What did you do for mothers day?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blocks complete!!

Hooray! These little beauties are done :) Im really happy with the way they turned out. They are bright and cheerful but... I did make a mistake. I made them quite large. I have no idea what i was thinking when they were cut. Rather than a 5.5" square they were cut 6" so they are rather.. um.. large. The recipient was pleased though which Im happy about. Here are some pics. It feels so good to complete a job!

Four x letter sides

Two x picture sides (the pics correspond to the letter on the block)

Thanks to my lovely hubby for doing the photography and my mum for trucking up to the other side of melbourne with me to deliver these.

On the way to the drop off, we stopped by a shop called "Patchwork with Gail B" (abit of a mouthful). If you are in Melbourne or thereabouts I'd highly recommend it. Its in Bayswater but worth the drive! Ive never seen so much quilting fabric! Mum and I couldnt spend too long in there as my kids had just spent an hour in the car and were like windup toys buzzing around, but we do plan to go back... very soon!

To see more lovely creative spaces head over to Kootoyoo.