Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dancy pants

Ive been busy on a top secret quilt for a certain little Mr who turns 1 soon. Ive been so engrossed in the project that Ive not allowed myself time to blog. So while the hubby is hanging washing, baby A is catching up on an episode of Hi-5 and Miss G is out with her beloved Grandma, Im blogging (very quickly).

Other than the top secret quilt Im working on I managed to make Baby A some pants. Once finished and fitted to her, they reminded me of the pants ravers wear to raves. So they are now officially 'the dancy pants'. Im chuffed that she loves to wear them and if she sees them anywhere around the house (on the floor, hanging in the bathroom, drying on the inside rack) she'll pull them down and chant 'pants, pants, pants'. Makes her mummy happy.

Here they are:

As mentioned in my last post, I attended the Australian Quilt Convention and, the week after, the Stitches and Craft show. It was interesting to see the change in demographic at the two events. The younger set were prominent at the stitches show. Im not too sure why that was though. Maybe because the AQC was well know. Its certainly the first year I've heard about the Craft and Stitches show and I only happened to stumble across it from another blog.

Anyway this was the booty I picked up:

From the AQC I picked up this beautiful Japanese fabric from Kimono girls. Gorgeous, and i mean GORGEOUS Japanese fabrics sold by two lovely Japanese ladies dressed up in kimono.
I also picked up the fabric sheets with the intention of using them for abovementioned quilt. Since changed my mind but i am sure i'll use them for another project.

From the stitches and craft show I picked up some fabric, some mothers day gifts and some lovely little illustrations. Links to follow (when I have more time). Hope to be back soon but with only a week left till two birthdays, Ive got LOTS of work to keep me going.

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  1. The print in those Dancy pants is just too cute! And Baby A has the cutest little feet.