Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One of my not so good projects...

Ive been busy working on a quilt for a certain young man thats turning 1 in a few days. Ive been ironing, cutting, drawing, hand stitching and machine sewing in every spare moment to try and get the quilt done. Today I was ready to put together all the small panels to make one half of the quilt.... and they just didnt look right :(

I wanted to incorporate Mr N's parents heritage in the quilt as they are so different. The idea was to make the quilt using two halves (to represent the two halves of the world his parents come from). Each half would be made of smaller panels with images of unique animals, places and icons of each country.

After sketching, I was aware that the colours really didnt work but I convinced myself that once i'd made it with the fabric, it would all come together (as all the fabrics I was using tied in with the feature fabric). How wrong I was.... this is what the Australia panel looks like in fabric:

pretty much... just wrong!

I had my husband look at it. He doesnt think his opinion matters because he thinks he doesnt know much about 'these things'. However, I know that he has a good eye and can usually steer me in the right direction. So he says 'what you have here is an integration problem'. Yup I agree.

Individually the smaller panels are beautiful. But together they just dont work.

My map of Australia. This is my favourite panel. When I go back to the drawing board Im going to have to work out what I like about this and try to continue it with the other panels.

My 'ute' panel. I didnt realise till after i'd embroidered it that it looks like 'rute'. I guess thats still aussie as!

So its back to the drawing board for me. I have another small gift Im going to make the little man for his party on the weekend. The quilt will just have to be a belated birthday gift.

Disappointedly yours,


  1. I really, really love the idea and all those panels. That will be such a wonderful quilt to keep and hand down to future generations.

  2. Oh, you are so too hard on yourself. I think it's looking great. You need something boyish and this hits the mark (no pink in sight) and there are stories there. Keep on trucking it will work out great.

  3. I love the idea--and all the work you've put into it already. The pics you've made are great. Sounds like you were relying on the feature fabric to tie it all together visually. Is there any way you could use a bit more of it to help with your "integration problem"?

  4. I also think it will be a stunning quilt and also a very personal one. Are you going to put sashing around each block using the same fabric? I always think that makes it come together somehow. Keep going, you are going to get there!