Monday, May 31, 2010

Lattice quilt top finished

I have finally finished the lattice type quilt top today. It took me a while because half way through I changed my mind and wanted to put a border around the body of the quilt. This meant that I needed more of the polka dot fabric and as I'd only bought fat quarters. Well that was my excuse for going to visit Patchwork with Gail B in Bayswater as I'd originally bought the fat quarters from the store at last years Quilt Convention.

Here are the pics. The arent great. Even I, the clueless one with no idea about photography, knows that its a no no to take pictures with the natural light in front of the camera. However, I wasnt going to to rearrange the furniture to get a good picture (and it would also mean picking up all the toys / clothes and miscellaneous stuff on the floor). Once ive quilted it I will take a better shot. I just though i'd put these up b/c im pleased ive finished it and it gave me an excuse to post a blog entry.

Mum, if you're reading this, guess what you'll be helping me do on thursday :) :)

In other news, my poor babies are sick. They have horrible coughs and Miss G, who is a cheeky little monkey, has been very subdued and generally quiet. This is the longest time shes been sick. There is still alittle cheeky in there though. Here is a shot of her and Libby, our dog. Libby got a makeover and then Gill decided she was going to have a lie down in Libby's corner.

Baby A can also be seen giving Libby a 'pat'. Libby, the long suffering dog, put up with it all. She is a very good natured dog.

Before I go, I'll leave you with a funny by Miss G. Ive posted most of her funny sayings up on my facebook status but I thought I'd share them here as she is a funny little mite.

The first funny I'll post occurred a few months ago whilst attending a christening. Our family are by no means religious but we will go to church when invited for someone's special occasion. Gill does love visiting churches. She (at the ripe old age of 3) really loves the big, pretty buildings. She especially loves Orthodox churches with all their candles and their weddings, as they usually throw lollies during the ceremony.

So getting back to Miss G, on this particular visit to a church, a friend, her little girl and Miss G went to the front of the church while the baby was being baptised. As the priest poured the water of the baby's head, Miss G asked our friend what he was doing to the baby. Our friend gave Miss G an explanation along the lines of the priest was putting a special prayer on the baby for Jesus. Miss G, not knowing who or what Jesus is, asks 'whats Jesus?'. Our friend giggles and tells Miss G that she'll explain it after the ceremony. A few minutes later a child a few pews back starts to talk. Miss G turns to our friend and says 'I think I can hear Jesus'.


  1. I love your quilt; very nice fabrics. How are you going to quilt it? Your Miss G sounds like a real character!

  2. So sorry all your kiddies are ill. It's always rough when kids are sick because it's so hard to make them feel better and understand they won't always feel that miserable.

    And I love how the border on the quilt has the pattern pieces following the white sashing in the interior. It really adds a lot of punch!