Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy mothers day

First and foremost, Happy mothers day!

My day was spent driving from one side of Melbourne to the other. Im not complaining though. We got to visit my mother in law (who I love) and my mum (obviously I love her too), got to see all my nieces and almost all of our extended family. The kids had a blast, all the meals were prepared (I didnt even step inside a kitchen today for more than 5 minutes) and I even got to read some magazines!

As a gift, I was given a box of kisses by Miss G and a handmade bookmark, both made at kinder. I was also given a sleep in, however my back just wouldnt let me lie down anymore so I was up before 9am! Grr back. I was also given a leave of absense yesterday to attend the Craft and Stitches show. More on this in future posts.

As mentioned a few posts ago, talent really runs in the family. My mum is a fantastic sewer, crocheter and knitter (as well as a fantastic cook), my sister makes fantastic jewellery as well as sewing some gorgeous stuff (she made my girls matching pricess dresses which they love) and my niece... well can she draw!! This drawing was done by hand. This by a girl who hasnt reached her teens!

Needless to say Im very proud of my niece. I hope she continues to persue her passion.

What did you do for mothers day?


  1. I'm glad you had a nice mother's day. And I agree with you; that drawing your niece made is pretty fantastic, especially for a girl her age.

  2. That picture is incredibly well done--not just pretty, but she's put real character in the girl's face amongst it all. I'm impressed!

  3. Wow! That's a whole lot of talent in one family! And I am really impressed with your niece's drawing. That is amazing! Glad you had such a good Mother's Day. :)