Saturday, May 22, 2010


Thanks to all that left comments about the quilt fail the other day. Even thought all your comments were positive, Ive decided to start again. I'll chalk it up a learning experience and try again. Ive also consulted the numerous quilting magazines that Ive either bought or have had handed down to me and now can see the error of my ways. Too many colours. I'll keep to 3-4 colours and take it from there.

The birthday boy was one today but I didnt go empty handed. I decided that the flags I'd made (especially the Australian one) had way too much work on it to put it aside so I've whipped up some cushion covers. I like the way they've turned out. My colour scheme for the next quilt will be along the lines of the cushions so when they are out on the floor or bed together, they match. Here is a quick peek:

In other news, the girls and I were doing some beading yesterday morning and baby A started this colour combination:

Well she began with the blue, bright pink and red and I continued with the other colours. I think I'll have to make a quilt using these colours one day soon. They make me happy. It occured to me that these (many) beads were a good way of testing what colours worked together, so while the girls beaded,

so did I.

Hope your weekend is going well.


  1. I admire your determination. The cushions have turned out lovely and I hope the little birthday boy liked them. Happy Birthday!

  2. I love love love the cushions!! I think they've turned out great :)

    I have thought about making a union jack cushion for some time now as I keep seeing them everywhere but didn't know if it was quite right being Australian. So the other day I had the idea to make one with the union jack and another with the southern cross- nice compromise!!