Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ive finally got the kids settled in bed and thought i'll keep quiet while they fall asleep and type up a new post.
My TO DO list is growing day by day with more birthdays, christenings, babies and easter all getting closer. I can tell its going to be a mad rush trying to get everything done. Im trying to get a quilt done for a baby's christening on Sunday but so far ive only cut out some squares. I dont think i'll get there. To make matters worse, I had the worst sleep and woke up with a headache that i cant seem to shake. The kids have been little terrors today which hasnt helped things. My fuse is very short today. I hope my sewing doesnt give me as much of a headache as my kids have.

These are some of the quilts im making or have made. Ive made one or two others but silly me forgot to take pics of them. They take an awfully long time to piece and as I have a very simple machine, quilting takes even longer. However, they are one of my favourite things to make and I know they will be treasured by those who receive them.

This is still incomplete. It is SOO bright im not sure what im going to do with it yet. I might make it larger and make it a quilt cover for GIll. She loves it.
Inspired by

Yet another incomplete quilt. Im hand quilting this one so its taking me a while. Eventually it will be a quilt for gorgeous baby Evie.
Pattern from the "Material Obsessions" book

Yup this one is completed!! A cot sized quilt for baby Joseph.
Another from the "Material Obsessions" book.

This quilt was the first quilt I made wihtout a pattern. I pretty much made it us as I went along. When I got to the border I realised that the green was way too bright so I cut out some butterflies and sewed them on. One day i'll take a better shot of this quilt as it really is quite pretty.

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  1. Lovely quilts! Thanks for leaving a comment on the Quilters at Sussex blog - I hope you can join us some time. Meanwhile we can read each other's blogs.