Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bunny eggs

What a day! Exhausting to say the least and the heat isn't helping. Melbourne is a funny city in that way. Its autumn and over the past few years autumn weather is just plain hot!

I feel like a slug in this weather. Dragging my bum around, turning round in circles with two kids trailing behind leaving an almighty mess. I cant tell you how many times i've bent over today to pick up after them. Good for the waistline I guess (Im trying optimism out).

In the midst of all this bum dragging and picking up I've managed to finish little bunny eggs for the little Easter basket I made a few days ago for our kinder raffle. Im not overly impressed with them though. I wish I had time to do them over. But me being me left it to the last minute and for some reason I am compelled to try something never attempted before in a very short space of time. Mum was over helping out with the kids so I had her sewing (I felt like a sweatshop manager) the bunny pieces together. My mum is the best.

There was no time to put in a little note explaining they they could be used for things like throwing into the basket or juggling. I'm hoping that whoever receives it will work it out.

Here are a few pics:

Here are the four bunny friends in their new home.

I took a pic of each of the little fellas but this was the only one that came out. I really need to get hubby to take these pics.

Blurry I know but it does show all four.


  1. You're too harsh on yourself. I think they're great!

  2. Thanks ladies :) Might be game enough to make them for all the little nieces now.