Saturday, March 13, 2010

Existing creations

Ive been at this sewing caper for a couple of years now and have made stuff that I love and some that Im not so pleased with. As with everything, the more you push yourself the more you find that you can do. When it comes to sewing and general creating, I love to try something with a tute or pattern and then just go off and do a variation of the thing i've taught myself. From this process Ive found that I LOVE to applique. Here are a few pics of appliqued work, both my own design and that of others.

Cushion made for my niece Mia. Applique attached by fusible webbing and then blanket stitched. My own design.

Side view. Side fastening cushion. No zips!

Quilt design taken from "Material Obsession"

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