Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A bit of a letdown

Im alittle cheesed off today. I dont usually use the term 'cheesed off' but im toning it down. I'd arranged for a couple of friends to come around for morning tea/ lunch and was really looking forward to alittle adult conversation. Fifteen minutes before they were suppoed to arrive, friend no. 1 called to say she wasnt feeling well and that she wasnt coming. Ok, thats cool. Shes got a newborn and sleep is probably not happening much at her pllace. So i waited... and waited... and waited. No knock at the door, no ding dong. Cakes in the oven, house is clean, kids are dressed and their hair combed. An hour later Im seriously doubting that friend no. 2 will turn up. So I call. Surely shes on her way I think. Then she picks up the phone. "hi" I say. "OH hi" she says. "So I guess this means you're not coming over" I say. "Oh well (friend 1) didnt call me and I really couldnt be bothered" she says. Long silence... then I say "well ive got a cake in the oven and i've prepared lunch". "Oh" she says.
Come on... whats so hard about picking up a phone. I'll get over it. She's a really old and dear friend. Still, doesnt mean I cant be alittle disappointed.

Thanks for letting me vent. Now back to our usually transmission.

Im still working on the blocks for a friend so Ive been doing a lot of blanket stitching and running stitching with some very fiddly metallic thread. They are looking really lovely. I hope she likes them. So rather than putting up a pic of the incomplete blocks (again) i'll put up some pics of the blocks I did for my lovely friend and her gorgeous bub.

These blocks are text on four sides and pics on the remaining two.

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  1. Those blocks are SO cute! As for fiddly metallic thread--isn't it! And friends not turning up when you're all ready for them earns you a vent . . .