Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As the existing work is at a standstill today (going to the zoo with two small children is exhausting) Im putting up a few pics of work that is now completed. Looking back on the work that Ive done, i realise that I have, infact, achieved something over the last twelve months. Even though Christmas almost sent me batty (sewing till all hours to get presents finished on Christmas Eve) I am pretty proud of what I have created.
Now the next step is to stop the procrastination and get on with making a living out of what I love doing.
I think i may have to enlist in the expert photography of my hubby as some of these items are kind of let down by the photos.

Today i'll put up a few pics of cushions that Ive made.

Japanese fabric floor cushion

Tree cushion

Cross stitched centre with side ties cushion cover

Cushion made for Gilly's little friend Lila

Something for Kate


  1. I love the K for Kate, so much personality in a cushion:)

  2. I like the cushions, especially the Japanese fabric one. Very nice.