Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another 'have to do' project

My gorgeous hubby has taken out my little balls of energy this morning so I can have some 'free time' to do as I please. Yesterday he did the Otway Classic bike race round the great ocean road (im glad he came home in one piece) and returned home at about 6pm tired, sweaty and in need of a good lie down.

Today is my 'thank you' day from him. I have to resist the urge to vacuum or clean the bathrooms so I thought i'd start off my free time with some blogging.

The blocks Ive been working on are not needed till May so i have plenty of time to play around with their designs. Im so enjoying sitting down at the end of the day and working on them.

Im also working on a baby quilt of my own design:

Im hand stitching on all the applique (as I hate machine sewing tight corners). Ive almost finished the centre panel (above) but now have to decide what kind of borders to put in. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I might throw in a few birdies and other garden critters but I dont want to make it too fussy.

I have been following oh fransson for some time and they are currently doing a 'quilt-a-long'. I dont think i'd be able to participate in this quilt-a-long but the quilt is certainly one of the things i'd love to do (in my never ending list of 'to dos'.


  1. Oh, oh, you've got me tempted with the Paintbox quilt--I am a colour nut and have so many scraps. Loving your bright garden panel--what about a pretty floral print as a first border to give it a bit of visual space before you add much else to it?

  2. Actually, that was your "thank you" day for about three rides back. I have some catching up to do!

  3. Kudos on hand stitching! Do you hand stitch because you're turning under the edges? I've only just started appliqueing and have done it all on a machine.

    And I so want to make a Paintbox quilt. I saw the tutorial a while back and bookmarked it. Just never got around to buying all that fabric!

  4. TT, thanks for the suggestion of the fabric border surround. Another trip to the fabric shop may be in order :)

    Bella, Ive appliqued the cheaters way... with double sided interfacing. The bird quilt Im completing is all turned and it took me soooo long. The hand stitching is to ensure they dont unstick (which they do if you dont sew them down). Im hopeless on the machine. Dont know if a combo of a very simple machine and no technique or if its just purely lack of machine technique!

  5. Oh oh oh I loooooove it!!! It's gorgeous! :)