Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tired kids, tired mummy

The kids aren't sleeping great again which makes me indecisive, anxious and, occasionally, incoherent. So I'll keep this post short!

Not much has been going on in regards to crafting. Alot of my time has been focused on getting the kids out of the house and busy to pass the time between waking and naps. My bones feel tired and all I want to do is to lie down. Eating isnt even a priorty... which is out of character for me!

I did have a burst of energy a few days ago and started another quilt. The intention is to donate it to a fundraiser but Im undecided (aforementioned lack of sleep) so i'll be making a few things. Here is what Ive got so far. It is super easy to assemble and I hope it will turn out as nice as those on the tute (again from Oh Fransson). I didnt bother with the charm squares. I just cut up my own. Im not too sure whats going on with this fasination of charm squares and the jelly rolls. I guess I just love to pick the colours and cut fabric. Makes me feel like Ive really done all the hard work... or Im a glutton for punishment.

Now for a lie down...


  1. I love the colours on that quilt, Sof! You have a great eye for combining colours and patterns. One day, when (if????) we have a house big enough for me to have a little arts & crafts space, I'll get a sewing machine and I'd love for you to teach me some of the basics... You're an inspiration!

    I hope you get some sleep...

  2. I love choosing colours too, though swapping charm squares with other quilters and especially talking about where different fabrics have been can be lots of fun. Buying charm squares, not so fun, unless it's just irresistable material and I can't afford even a fat quarter:)

  3. Thank you Riina :) I'd be glad to teach you how to sew... but im no expert :)

  4. I am learning to really appreciate browns when I see what quilters are blogging. Especially those browns paired with blues. I especially love those circles and dots in the photo.