Monday, April 5, 2010


What a totally decadant day we had yesterday. Lots of good food, drink, company and kids. Mums house was full of giggling and screeching and reminded me alot of my childhood. I have 3 small nieces and 2 not so small nieces and two daughters so the house was loud and lively.

For easter, I decided to make up some easter baskets for the kids to use for the easter hunt. Granted they didnt quite know what to do but with alittle help from mums and aunts, they were on their way.

My big girl and her cousin lead the pack (the flower dress was made by me for my niece and given to her for christmas).

The easter bunny had hung alot of the eggs from plastic bags on the line to ensure the dogs didnt get them first!

Introducing my baby A... modelling a lovely easter hat made by her Baba (grandmum)

Seven easter baskets made by me for all the gorgeous girls in our family. The two pin cushions were a present for my mum and my sis.

I really enjoyed Easter. I think everyone went home happy and well fed :)

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