Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have a really bad habit on dwelling on things that I shouldnt. I think its become a habit as Ive done it for many years. Its one of the things im REALLY good at.
Recently I came across a website that has basically got me doubting my ability to 1) make anything original and beautiful and 2) be able to sell said original and beautiful work. Before I go on, this is not a post intended to make you feel sorry for me or to fish for compliments. Its merely how I feel.
The blog is written by a woman named Kelli. Her designs make me want to cry. They are the kind of designs I want to do. Now that I have found them (and her) I kind of feel like the work I wanted to do cant be done as its already been done and knowing of their existance now kind of makes me a 'wanna be'. It took me 3 days to read her entire blog, from start to finish. I can get obsessive too.
Hubby tells me that its alittle hard to come up with something truely original. There are, after all, 6 billion people on the planet. But still, to come across Kelli's work has kind of put a weight around my heart. Sounds pretty dramatic hey. She is also a melbournian and has 4 kids and still pumps out this gorgeous work like its no effort.
I intimidate myself really. I continually look at these blogs and psych myself out. its a hard habit to fix. Maybe I should just put the computer somewhere out of reach and just get on with the job I want to do.

I suggest you do visit her site Dont look now . Her work is truely beautiful.
As for me, I'll just have to continue thinking of something Sew Sofie....


  1. I don't read "don't look now" but I know of the bloggers work and it is truly brilliant but don't be too hard on yourself. You have to find your niche and enjoy crafting for what it brings you. I sometimes find myself surfing the internet too much. It's great to feel inspired but in the end you have to take that inspiration and harness it in your own way.

  2. I am a fellow fan of Kellie and although I understand your frustrations (I have them as well) we are all influenced by other people's work (I think including Kellie). If you read her entire blog you probably saw that at one time she showed a big card (or a small poster) with monsters on it. I guess these monsters were the inspiration for her monster quilt. So there you are. By the way, I love the header on your blog and your kids are so cute. Cheers Vreni

  3. Your work IS beautiful! I really think that all artistic endeavors are more harshly judged by the person who makes them, than by anyone else.