Sunday, April 18, 2010


Im not your average girlie girl that goes shopping in any spare minute for clothes. I hate clothes shopping. But I looooovvveee material shopping. I am alittle addicted to fabric and the fabrics around now are so beautiful I find it hard choosing. So I now only go when I need to buy for something specific.

Here is my sewing 'to do' list in fabric :) :) Did I mention I love to shop for fabric?

In family news....
Afternoons at our house, especially weekday afternoons when the girls and I dont have much to do, can be a very stressful time... especially for me. You see the girls both still have naps and when they wake from those naps they are full of energy and ready to go. I,on the other hand, am usually tired and grumpy. Occasionally I'll put my feet up and take advantage of the free time but im usually sewing or crafting which, after a morning of activities with the girls, leaves me pretty tired. Ive only myself to blame I know. Friday's are particularly hard. Its almost the weekend and Ive run out of things to do.
One of the things my girls LOVE is to get dirty. Im willing to bet that they could get dirty in a sterile white room ! So I thought that seeing as they love to paint (and make an awful mess in the process) i'd take them outside to paint (why the hell didnt I think of this before?!?). About a year ago a greedy, awfully arrogant and thoughtless developer bought the large block next to our property. In order to cram 7 (yes seven!) units on it, the architects decided that it would be a great idea to build a disgusting big grey wall on the property line. This happens to be the property line that faces the north... where all our daylight sun comes from and also where all our bedroom windows are. We did fight to have this proposal rejected but the council saw no problem in it. They were, after all, getting 7 new ratepayers in as part of the deal. Amazing what $$$ can do to make someone's mind up... but thats another blog entry.
Back to Friday afternoon. Kids, armed with pots of paint, rollers and water, descended on said wall and started to decorate. This is their story.

Lovely wall isnt it!

Mixing, creating, making a mess!

Chalk artwork by Baba (grandma) from the day before. Thanks Baba for the inspiration.

Assessing the work from afar.


  1. You've got some cute fabrics there.

    Great idea for amusing the kids!

  2. I think we all like fabric shopping...we are addicted to it. Those fabrics are cute. Good idea to let the kids paint the wall. : )

  3. Hi Sofie,
    Im one of your SMS swap partners, and your fabric is in the post as we speak.

    About your post, I would be so upset if someone stole my sunshine!!! I think that painting on the wall is such a good way of making lemonade out of lemons. It looks like heaps of fun :) Mum used to let us paint our windows when we were kids [PVA glue mixed with food colour - see thru, removable and pretty] and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!