Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bagged it

So it took till yesterday afternoon to finish it but it got done and its been delivered. I made a tote using this tutorial for my young niece. I like the way it came out but I think i used the wrong sort of 'fusible fleece' (I didnt have fusible fleece so i used ordinary batting and it came out kind of thick).
Rather than using the fleece on the pockets I just ironed on interfacing on both the front and back fabric of each pocket, and found that the pocket was sturdy enough. Ofcourse my niece knew what she was getting (as mentioned previously she's right into drawing so I got her some Copic markers), so she was right past the bag and into the bag for the markers :) I love that she gets so excited about what she does. Kinda reminds me of me with fabric ;) My older niece asked me to make her one too so I think that means its a job well done.

The sheer effort of doing something at the last minute always exhausts me and it takes me alittle while to work up to starting/ continuing on another project. So today while the girls slept I sat and watched some mindless telly. I let myself enjoy some quiet time without having to do something... thats a rarity. My hands get restless if I dont use them.
Miss G was a handful today so i promised her that we'd make some biscuits. Here they are, fresh out of the oven.

Ofcourse baby A knew what the timer on the oven means and she was straight over, demanding very loudly, that I give her one..

Recipe can be found here

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  1. Hi SewSofie,
    Love the bag. Your fabric is so cute! Thanks for the link, I bookmarked it. Maybe I can make it with all of my scraps. : ) Suze