Sunday, April 11, 2010

Im honoured!

So much has happened in the past few days that I have to sub-categorise this post!

Fantastic news
I got a wonderful call today from a dear friend. Her and her partner of many years have finally decided to set a date and get married (after a 4 year engagement and a gorgeous little boy) and she's asked me to be her witness!! Im really chuffed and excited to have been asked.
She and I met when hubby and I bought our first house. She was our next door neighbour but we didnt meet until we got our dog, LIbby. Libby used to run up and down along the gate when she heard her and neighbouroonie (as we now call each other) took to talking to her. I guess 'roonie made friends with Libby before we did!! I cant remember the first meeting but we became really good friends quickly and when the fence had to be replaced, we decided to put a gate between our properties so we could have the dogs (she had a dog Jack who became our dog too) run between the two backyards and we could visit without having to walk on the street :). Libby and Jack were pretty much inseparable and if they hadn't been fixed, i'm sure there would have been puppies everywhere!

A few years went by and she moved (temporarily) to another state so we looked after the cats and Jack. Then she fell in love.... with a man in the service which meant that she moved away. We were all very sad. Jack stayed with us for a year or so and then 'roonie, having settled into her new home with her new man, came and took Jack.
It wasnt the same without 'roonie next door which is one of the reasons we decided to move. She rented her place to the tenants from hell (one of many) and the house we were in just wasnt big enough for the next step in our lives (kids) so we moved. She is still interstate. Ian, Libby and I miss her terribly. I wish she was back in Melbourne but alas, home is where the heart is and she's now at home.. .and getting married!!


I've started (and hope to finish tomorrow) a present for my second oldest niece. She is the most amazing artist. She sits for hours and draws pictures good enough for the pages of a manga magazine. I'll have to ask her for a picture or two to put up. Shes only 12!! Here are the materials that im using for her present. Ofcourse, as she reads the blog, I wont put any pics up of the finished article till Wedesday (tuesday being her birthday).

Ive also started to do some embroidery again. I used to do alot of cross stitch (another thing roonie and I used to do together) but that has fallen by the wayside as Ive become obsessed with sewing. A few weeks back I was lying in bed and for some reason, the thought of embroidering little red riding hood popped into my head. A few days ago, whilst reading a blog by Chaletgirl, I was once again inspired by her embroidery and I just knew I had to pick up material and embroidery floss once again. Its only half completed but Im really enjoying it. Its not as neat as Chaletgirl's embroidery but I havent done much backstitching so Im pretty happy with it so far. Im not sure what Im going to do with it yet. Maybe a cushion, a library bag or I might just get a smaller embroidery hoop and hang it on the wall in one of the girls rooms.

Finally (the post is almost finished I swear! As a family, we did alot this weekend. Im not surprised that the kids went straight to sleep tonight.

Saturday morning we went and saw the The Giglees (put your sunglasses on before you click this link!) then had a wonderful lunch at the Gasworks Cafe with hubby's brother and sis-in-law and 3rd oldest niece M.

Today I dragged hubby and the kids off to the Melbourne Showgrounds Farmers market. There wasnt a huge number of stalls (and a surprising lack of fruit which I was after) but we did find some of the tastiest, crunchiest grapes around. Here is a pic of baby A crunching away...

and offering mum some...

Even Daddy got a treat. He picked up this old Atari and a huge box of games from the naturestrip (one mans trash, another mans treasure) and spent some of the afternoon (while the kids were sleeping) "testing" the games and console.

Then off to visit some of my oldest and dearest friends at their new place (and to check out her sewing machine which Im considering buying). Phew!


  1. Fair Dinkum I still don't get how you manage to do ALL the stuff you do???!!! Do you have like 30 hours in the day down your way??!!
    I must have really s#*t time management skills!

    I am loving the photo of A offering grapes- very cute (also like her cardi!)
    Ian and his curbside treasure is a pisser... so something I would do!
    Spewing we moved from our old area, they had the best hardwaste collection going around and as soon as the sun went down the area came alive with "bowerbirds" lugging stuff down the streets or loading things into their cars! Of course there were those who seized the opportunity in daylight hours (the smart ones, 'cause they knew the good stuff would be gone as soon as they turned their backs). But it's funny how others would look down on them as if they were doing something wrong and then they themselves would be out there a few hours later rummaging around in the dark!!! Oh, I miss it.. the best thing you'd find around here is some old rusty fencing wire! Same too can be said for op shops around here. I miss Savers in Brunswick. I could poke around for pizdarije all day!!!

  2. A is a cutie! And she makes me miss my niece and nephew, although they're older and less likely to feed me grapes now. *laugh*

    'Roonie reminds me a lot of my neighbor. She and her family are one of the reasons I am always so reluctant to move from where we are now. We both work from home doing graphic design and we also both hand-dye fabric. We're even started running errands together since we shop at the same stores. I would be so sad to leave her behind!

  3. Love the gorgeous embroidery. I'll look forward to seeing you at the Northern Craft Bonanza sometime.