Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A breath of fresh air

Ive decided to restructure how I do things around the house and with the kids. Ive been feeling awfully sluggish of late and decided something had to be done. There has been a decrease in craftiness and an increase in mess. So the past few mornings, seeing as the kids are up at dawn b/c of the end of daylight savings, hubby gets the kids up and I jump in the shower. It means that we start the day off at the START of the day, not when mum decides to get off the couch / kitchen chair and have a shower.

Im feeling rather motivated today so as soon as this is done I'm off the the sewing / dining room to do some work. My mood has also improved as I had a lovely morning tea with Riina and her gorgeous boy. The (my) kids weren't as manic as usual in the play area and we all enjoyed our time out.

Due to said sluggishness above, no real progress has been made on anything so the following pics are of some of the girly hair stuff made for my little beauties.

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