Monday, February 21, 2011

Monthly update!

Despite all good intentions I find myself blogging again a month after my last blog entry. My creativity and willingness to step into the 'sewing room' (aka the dining room) was sapped for a while. Melbourne weather is non existent. Its been replaced by balmy, sultry days and humid nights which is sapping all my energy. Or sapped... a return to Melbourne's cool days and cold nights has once again rejuvenated my body and my energy has (somewhat) returned due to a good nights sleep.

So here are some projects that have been completed, are to be completed or have yet to be started. My aim is for the end of the week. Im hoping the cooler weather continues.

First up, I came across this cool tute for a mail organiser on a blog called Noodleheads and set about spending a little money at the local mega craft place. On returning home with all the supplies I needed, I found my staple gun wasnt working (actually it will never work again... the handle just dropped off). This was a major grrrr moment as I'd been planning to make an organiser for a friend celebrating her birthday today. What to do.... and then I spotted this equally cool tute for a clutch bag. As the tute says, more time is spent selecting fabric and cutting it. Assembly is pretty easy. Here is the finished clutch.

I dont think the gathering is so obvious on my clutch. Might just be the colours or pattern of the fabric. I'll definately be making a few of these for the present stash. They are pretty easy and cute.

Here is the mail organiser, minus everything except the backing fabric (which is only just hanging on with adhesive spray). Back to mega craft place this week to buy another staple gun.

Also on the cards this week is putting the finishing touches to this sun hat.
Im going to have to get Miss A to model this hat. Its so cute on.

And finishing attaching the crown to the brim for this sun hat as well as some binding.

When all that is done (with some luck and help from my super mum), this fabric and tulle will make a water fairy and tinkerbell costume for my girls who are going to a birthday this sunday. Ive got my fingers, arms and legs crossed hoping that they will turn out.

And to top things off, a present for the birthday girl who's birthday we'll be celebrating on Sunday!

Lastly, I recently took advantage of a sale on Vogue and McCalls patterns online. In Australia, buying paper patterns is ridiculously expensive. Ofcourse, shipping was a factor for these but all up, i spent less per pattern than I would have if I'd bought them from a retail outlet here. I deliberately decided to buy lots of dress patterns. I dont often wear dresses because I can never find anything that 1. I like and 2. fit me nicely. So, inspired by bloggers like Lisa, Im taking the plunge into adult dress making. Wish me luck!


  1. So nice to "see" you again. But although you might have been absent from blogland for a while, you weren't idle! Love the little clutch bag and everything else you've been making/are planning to make.
    PS: Can you imagine the humidity and heat all year round? Yes, that's what it's like here in Singapore and I'm

  2. Good luck with the adult sewing--I know what you mean about the price of patterns.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my giveaway! Love the photo albums you have made in the last post, such a lovely idea!

  4. Good on you for ordering all those patterns. I too belong to the BMV club it saves on trips to the fabric store only to find the pattern you want is unavailable. I look forward to seeing what you create.

  5. You'll love the clothes you make yourself, really! Nice work on the patterns, they look awesome, though I shudder to think at how much they're worth even with Club BMV!!