Monday, February 28, 2011

Mission (mostly) accomplished...

So I set off from finishing my last blog post with a spring in my step toward the sewing room, intent on getting things done.
First cab off the ranks was the denim hat. I finished the binding on the brim.. check. Next up, attaching brim to crown. After much fiddling, sewing, unpicking, sewing, unpicking (you get the vibe) it was finally attached. Alittle grosgrain ribbon to finish the inside, some hand sewing and voila! finished. Or so I thought. On checking the fit on Miss G, I noticed that i hadnt attached the brim to the crown straight. This wouldnt have been a problem if not for the fact that I'd topstitched everything in a bright blue. Lets just say its pretty obvious. So back to the 'to do' pile it goes.

Next, the red spotty hat. Should be a cinch I think. No such luck. I've decided that the way the pattern finishes the hat doesn't really satisfy my standard of 'finished'. Back to the 'to do' pile.

Next, costumes for the girls. Cutting went off without a hitch. Sat at the machine to put it together and my machine starts to skip stitches. At this point Im just alittle over it all. Call in "mrs fixit" AKA my mum. We change needles, adjust tensions, change cottons, rethread the machine, all to no avail. Mum takes the materials home and completes two gorgeous fairy costumes in 3 days. No mean feat but she did it, and here they are:
The only credit I can take on these is buying the fabrics. At this point, my sewing mojo is threatening to leave me again.

Ok, final project of the week. A present for the birthday girl. I have been meaning to make a hair clip stand / frame for my girls for some time. It went together really easily. Of course my girls are going to have to wait for one of their own.

I had enough time to make some hair clips for the birthday girl as well.

Her mum tells me that it was well received and well timed. The birthday girl had received a number of hair clips as presents.

Yes I am alittle disheartened by my fails of the week but I guess every mistake is a lesson learnt. This week I aim to:
Finish the two hats;
Make some dresses for the girls;
Investigate some new sewing machine options;
Not be so hard on myself!

Last but not least, a very big THANK YOU to Lisa for sending me a large bag of beautiful scrap fabrics. I have been inspired by the array of fabrics and its sent my mind ticking over with ideas. Thanks so much Lisa!


  1. Yes, that's what I was thinking! Don't be too hard on yourself. You always end up making lovely things (maybe not always on the first go, but who does?) and in spite of being a mum of two small girls you still manage to put in some crafting/sewing time. I love that hair clip frame. What a good idea. And the girls in their fairy dresses are so adorable.

  2. those look like 2 seriously happy girls with their new costumes. And I too am cheering your hair-clip stand and your resolution not to be too hard on yourself. You're doing great, even when it doesn't feel like it! . . . and would you believe the word recognition thing is "mision"?

  3. Gah, one of THOSE weeks! I feel for you. That hair clip stand is awesome though, as are the little clips with it.

    My machine was ding what yours was, and after pulling it all apart, testing everything under the sun and finally giving up, I sent it to a GOOD repair man, and $149 later it came back purring! It was a worthwhile investment, the service, cos like a car they need a bit of love and this machine is solid! With care it will last me till I'm an old old lady. So maybe thats an option for you? I think a repair is usually a better option than a crappy plastic machine that I see a lot of these days but thats just my snobby opinion :D

    And lastly hand-me-down scraps are the best!! I hope you have some fun with those!!!