Thursday, January 20, 2011

My creative space #1 2011

Hope everything in your part of the world is good. Its been pretty crazy weather here in Melbourne (and, quite frankly, everywhere along the eastern seaboard of Australia). Floods in all states along the east and days of horrible humidity followed by cool weather. Today is one of the few days of the summer I remember as a kid (think blue skies, 30+ degrees and bugs!). Im glad its finally arriving.

Koo's creative space entries have started again and I will endeavour to post at least once a week to coincide with it. It will (hopefully) ensure that I do take some time out for creativity during the week.

Here are a few more things finished up this week.

These are covered photo albums made for some of my friends daughters for Christmas. I am ashamed to say that I just finished these (almost the end of January) but I rarely get to see my girl friends and their kids. Well they were made on time for delivery. I hope they are well received.

Another birthday girl who's siblings had each received a letter cushion last year for their birthdays finally received her own. I found the letter alittle tricky and it took me some time to work out how to turn it. I ended up having to stuff via the space in the middle of the A..... made sewing it up very frustrating but it turned out nicer than i'd anticipated.

On the kiddies front, we've been doing alot of indoor crafts as the weather (as mentioned above) has been quite wet. Here is one crafting session that went well and they were interested in for more than 5 minutes! Sure its messy but letting them experiment with the paper and glue was fun to watch. Miss G decided that rather than stick flat bits of paper to the window, it would be nicer if they were made into 'flowers'. I'd never have thought of that!

One of the above mentioned flowers can be seen in Miss G's hair (its the blue thing).

The girls being able to work together side by side was an added bonus of this activity.

Finished window.... and very sticky fingers!


  1. I love your photo albums; they look great, especially all of them together. Are they made with felt? Great idea to let the girls be creative with paper and glue. They did really well and I can see how concentrated they both worked. What a great mum you are ;).

  2. Vreni they are made with fabric thats been fused on. In retrospect felt would have been much easier and alittle neater but they turned out jsut as I wanted them. I will give felt a go though.

  3. I love the photo albums - what a great idea!

  4. I love the photo albums. The rainbow is very effective. How long did it take to clean those windows? or are they still like that! I worry about things like that when we rent.

  5. Such a great idea. Are the windows hard to clean though?

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  6. I accidentally deleted your emailed comment before replying. *eep* But wanted to say hi and that I love those letter pillows! I keep trying to figure out how you would sew them up and turn them right-side out for stuffing but it makes my brain hurt. :)

  7. Lovely pictures of your kids. Make me long to when mine were little...