Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another year begins

Well a Merry christmas and happy new year to you all. Its been a pretty hectic December and im not sure where the month went. It was definately a sprint to the Christmas / new year break and I'm still wondering when it happened and where it all went. Ive had my hubby home for two weeks and its been fantastic. Even though I dont get a holiday from my job, having an extra pair of hands around certainly has made it easier.

On the creative front, I didnt get as much as I wanted done (yes this is a familiar story). Despite knowing exactly what i wanted to make and for whom, best intentions arent the only thing you need with Christmas barrelling toward you. I did manage a few things though:

some very simple handmade christmas cards made with paper I picked up in Japan years ago.

A couple of travel document pouches for my mum in law (pictured) and uncle in law (for some reason I didnt photograph) who are both avid travellers (and who happened to be me and hubby's kris kringles). Included in the pouches were some vouchers. In retrospect, I should have added a little description as Uncle Charles was alittle confused by it :) On a side note, these were the first zips ive ever done, and they were not hard at all!! (you were right Tab).
If you'd like to make one, the tute can be found Here

Some gift voucher pockets (only one photographed... im not sure why i'd forgotten to photograph all of them) which could be used for carrying around anything (think lippy, perfume etc). I used the tute found here for the gift card below and then thought that it was a waste of fabric (and my time) if you couldnt use it again so I created the pocket version (above).

I also managed to make these notebook with colouring pencils for a friend's two little girls (well she has three but the third is alittle small for colouring). I monogramed them and made each notebook with the girl's favourite colour.

I also made dresses for my girls for christmas day and i'll include a pic in the next post. I need my hubby's computer for photos and he's busy killing bad guys :)

Lastly, here are some pics of my little girls on christmas morning. Santa had hidden a present each in their room. The remaining presents were left under the tree. The girls got a kick out of leaving some choccie biscuits and a carrot for santa and the reindeer only to find crumbs in the morning. So cute!

The morning started very early with Miss G finding her present from santa hidden under her bed. And what did he bring her?... her very own sewing machine (which I have only just worked out how to thread.. the bobbin was really difficult to work out!).

Miss G had jumped into Miss A's bed with the present santa had left. I dont think these smiles stopped all day!

Later in the day at Grandma's house, woody and buzz dress-up clothes were the biggest hit. Here is a pic of woody and buzz having a cuddle.

Hoping 2011 is the best ever year for you and your family.


  1. Hi Sofie; so glad you and your family had a love, although busy Christmas. Your little girls certainly enjoyed the pressies ;). I love your Christmas cards (I like the simplicity of them) and all the other presents you made. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year. Cheers Vreni x

  2. Love the travel document wallets, but the girls smiles are the best:)

  3. Wishing you and your family a happy new year. All your pressies look lovely. I look forward to seeing what you make this year.

  4. Those travel document pouches are incredible! I love the fabric choices in them. Happy to read about your Christmas and hope you have a marvelous 2011!

  5. Love your document pouches! I once made egg cosies for work colleagues Christmas gifts. One old guy asked me what they were. He said he was thinking they were willy warmers! I was so embarrassed and also should have added a note with what they were! lol

    Thanks for sharing the pics of your darlings enjoying christmas. Their smiles of joy are very endearing.

  6. So much good stuff there!! I love the travel document pouches, and it has me thinking that it could be a great way of storing special things - like documents etc that you keep for sentimental reasons, just change the dimensions. [I don't know if that makes any sense!] Good on you for giving zips a chance :)

    How old is Miss G? Just wondering as I have a plasticy sewing machine waiting to give to Addie when shes old enough [maybe premature bc she's only 16 months!] but I was given one as a kid and it was great, I made REAL clothes on it and it sparked my love of sewing. I can't wait for her to be old enough! Now I'll have to find another one for Tiny too :)