Thursday, December 2, 2010

My creative space

Its been a few weeks but Ive not had much to show. Two little offerings today with more to follow. I finally have the sewing mojo back and Im hoping its here to stay as Ive a few presents and orders to complete.

First of all, my lovely niece asked me to cover a scrapbook album for her. She's doing a school project and couldn't find a scrapbook with a cover she liked. I was more than happy to do it. I love making new things. She chose the fabric (from my 'shop') and asked that I include her name somehow. I suggested some embroidery which she was happy with (love hearts were the prerequisite). I found the love heart pattern somewhere on the internet (i'm so bad at linking things back as Im bad at remembering where the images came from). Im happy to report that said niece was very pleased with the result. Its also given me an idea for christmas presents but more on that later.

For some reason the iron on interfacing puckered the material. No amount of ironing would un-pucker. I guess that would teach me to apply interfacing with a really hot iron.

Finally have a chance to use macro on my camera.

Also gifted was this set of 3 (4th was delivered the next day) place mats for a friend who was celebrating a housewarming, birthday and Australian citizenship! I should have possibly made the place mats alittle more Aussie but they were well received.

Other than that, sewing has been slow. On the cards though are Christmas presents. Its getting exciting now with the lead up to christmas. I wanted to make the girls an Advent calendar (my girls still have no concept of what next week, next month or next year are) but never got around to it. Maybe next year...

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Hope you're having a great week.


  1. What a great aunt you are. The scapbook cover looks lovely. Yes, I've had the same problem with interfacing which puckered. I don't know if it's the heat of the iron or in my case I think it was just substandard material. The table mats very cheerful and will make any dinnertable a happy place.

  2. The scrapbook cover is gorgeous, Sofie! I bet Olivia would've been the envy of all her friends.

    The place mats are indeed beautiful and so cheerful - perfect for this time of year. They've had to make room for a more christmassy look this week, but will do a comeback after the silly season is over.

    You are so talented Sof!!

  3. Oh hurrah to see a post from you!! I love that love heart ...

  4. Love the scrapbook cover! Such a pretty blue and the embroidery really gives it that classy touch!

    I also had the interfacing problem you mentioned. I always thought it was because I was using incorrect weight interfacing for the weight of fabric I was using.