Thursday, September 2, 2010

My creative space

Today's creative space is a special one. Two years (and one day) ago I gave birth to one of two of my most precious creations... Miss A.

Here she is twirling in the dress that was made especially for the occasion.

These two years have been a whirlwind. Having two kids very close in age can certainly have its tough times but these little girls make me smile every day.... especially when twirling!

We had family over for dinner which I love to do. Birthdays were (and are) always cause for celebration in our family. Miss A was certainly spoilt.

No less than 3 cameras were pointed her way when the cake came out. She positioned herself (along with her sister) infront of it and proceeded to pull all the butterfly wings (aka chocolate freckles) off the cupcakes. The event was well documented by the family :)

Last but certainly not least is a big thank you to my mum. I hope Im as patient as she is when my girls are older.

Happy birthday baby!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Miss A - I love your dress, it's perfect for twirling. And your cake looks so yummy!

  2. Lovely little girl creations and lovely creations for them to enjoy!

  3. The girls look gorgeous in their dresses!! And I love that photo of them with your mum. Looking forward to a catch-up as soon as my little Mr gets better (and provided it isn't my turn to get sick!).

  4. Happy belated BD for your cute little girl! All the clothes you made so far for your kids bring back good memories when mine were little too.
    I like your blog and tnx for 'coming by' at mine! ;-)