Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nips and tucks

Its been a very productive weekend. Ive managed to start and (almost) finish a dress for Miss G in one afternoon / evening and im pleased with how it turned out. The dress if full of firsts. First tuck pleats and first sleeves Ive ever done (or done since home eco in high school many MANY years ago). I even dared to alter the pattern and add a decorative hem and it worked well. The fabric isnt the loveliest but I wanted to use fabric that I wouldnt worry about if it all fell into a heap. The only thing left to do is to add a button and loop at the back for closing.
I bought this pattern a few weeks ago. I must admit that I chose it because it does not have a zip closing. Ive had a few bad experiences with zips and am alittle hesitant to try them again. This dress works well though and fit easily over Miss G's head. A bonus is that she likes the fabric (not my cup of tea) and is willing to wear it.

Miss G wearing her dress while putting on a concert. She does love to have her photo taken and LOVVEESS singing.

Back opening (TBC).

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


  1. It looks very laura ashley esque. You know I like red so I think it's lovely.

  2. oh that dress is gorgeous. Sometimes I really wish I had a wee girl to sew for.

  3. Oh it's gorgeous. Soon Miss G will be able to wear it without a t shirt underneath! It'll be such a nice dress when it gets hot!

  4. Very very sweet. I think that little sleeves like that are so much harder than sleeves for grown ups! Do try zippers again one day though, there are lots of great tutes online that are very clear and have great tips for zippers.

    I'm interested to know what pattern it is, it looks like a winner.

  5. Thanks for the comment and link :)

  6. I bought it in both sizes!! :D