Thursday, August 26, 2010

Creative space

This week's creative space is brought to you by the colours pink and blue. Two finished items this week. The first is a dress made from a dress discarded by my niece. Pre-upcycle, the tag read size 10. I cut it short, added a kinda frilly hem and sleeves and voila, a new dress. Luckily the armholes were a perfect fit for Miss G but I did find it alittle strange that a size 10 dress fit a size 4 girl so well. Does the distance between the shoulder and armpit not grow between this age?

Second completed item was my first attempt at a twirly skirt from my last post. I cant take credit for completion though. Mum was round today and decided to unpick, cut and re-stitch to complete it. Its pretty darn cute I think and the tie on the side means that both Miss G and Miss A can wear it.

On another note we visited the 'safari zoo' this week. We've visited on a few occasions but never got to the lions which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was abit unnerving though as the only thing seperating lion from human was glass. Thankfully they (the lion) didnt seem too interested in us, preferring to bask in the sun.

Ofcourse the kids were more interested in the playground than the animals. Im hoping their appreciation for such beautiful creatures will develop with age.

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  1. Thank you for visiting, and your lovely comment. You have a beautiful blog. I love the colors of the dress and the skirt.
    I also love the photos from your trip to the safari zoo; I lived in Kenya for a couple of years , and I have a lot of admiration for lions.


    -Samya :-)

  2. You are getting better and better at making lovely little outfits for lovely little girls! You are ready for the summer, it seems! Maybe not only in this way ;). Glad you had a great time at the safari park. They really are magnificent beasts, the lions! Have a great weekend. Vreni