Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The celebrations continue!

Before anything else, I'd like to say thankyou for all your lovely comments on the girls dresses and on many of my other posts. It really helps keep up momentum when I get such positive comments. The crafting community is indeed a lovely place. Thank you all!

This week we've had 2 birthdays and fathers day so I've been busy in the sewing room. Ive managed to get all the presents to the birthday people ON their birthday (as opposed to days / weeks / months later). Yes, I do have presents that I still need to complete that were due months ago.

I dont really like to make too much of the same thing so I welcome the opportunity to make for different people (especially the kids). In saying that though, Ive made yet another of my rocketship pillow cases. I really love making them.. its become abit of an obsession! Miss A has even learnt how to say rocketship because of them. :)

Next on the present list was a gift for my hubby for fathers day. Miss G made a lovely plate and money box for Daddy at kinder but I thought alittle bit of handmadie goodness from wifey was needed.

This little pouch was made so Daddy could put all his worldly possesions in one place when taking Miss A swimming. Its big enough for the beloved iPhone and his glasses. Thankfully he likes it :)

Second birthday of the week was for anothed of of Miss G's kinder friends. Ive been wanting to make these little heart shaped cushions for some time. Ive sewn in a ribbon at the top of each one so they can be hung on a wall or they would be just as nice on a bed. Miss G has already put in an order for her birthday at the end of the month which I'll happily do. They took next to no time to make and they are rather cute!

I really didnt have a nice place to display them so here they are with all my washing :/


  1. The heart cushions are sooo cute. No wonder Miss G wants some for herself!

  2. The dad pouch is very great, and nothing like a man-bag, which is awesome!

  3. How cute are those pillows; I especially like the one with all the different trees on it. And how lucky is your hubby to get such a lovely gift!