Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My creative space... more dancy pants

Not much creating going on here these past few days. This can be attributed to two things:
1/ the cold... I'd rather sit on the couch with something sweet and a blankie and watch some mindless TV;
2/ my back! Ive been visiting a fantastic osteopath. Shes fantastic because Im in pain! No pain no gain.

The only project Ive completed this week is a pair of dancey pants for Miss G. Ive decided these will be her sacrificial pants when attending kinder. They have been upcycled from a pair of my old maternity pants which i have no need for EVER EVER AGAIN.

For more fabo handmadie goodness head over to Kootoyoo.


  1. Hey, we're on the same page with back problems! Mine has been sore for a week and it's driving me crazy. Love the kinder pants and the very emphatic Never Ever Ever Again bit! Be careful what you wish for! Hope you have a happy week xo

  2. I discovered a 'cautionary tale' about saying never ever again - found out my gt granny had my granny at 48yrs!
    Sorry you have a sore back - i'm guessing that's part of the reason you're saying never again?