Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another completed project

Hot off the sewing machine.... a new bag. Yes Im very pleased with myself. I managed pleats, box corners, turning and interlining... something i'd never heard of before. The bag is bigger than I though it would be. I was thinking more handbag. This could be a nappy bag considering its size. Im hoping the person I made it for (for a fundraiser) will like it. Im hoping the fabric isnt too old fashioned. I'll have to ask my teenage niece. .

Front of bag with a small tab and button close. Not particularly secure but looks nice and its super easy (and doesn't involve zips which I've yet to master).

Inside complete with two pockets that are way to high (followed the pattern). Should have listened to mum and sewn them on lower. Why do I doubt my mums advise? She is the best seamstress I know..!

The bag pattern can be found here . The pattern instructions were OK. There was one page missing from the pdf pattern download and some of the steps weren't super clear but you had enough to work it out. Just a word of warning. If you haven't done boxed corners, the instructions weren't that clear. If you want to try boxed corners click here for a great tute.

In other news, took the girls to the zoo on the last nice day of autumn last week. Here are some shots Miss G and I took.

Visiting the butterfly house. We've had to by-pass the butterfly house on the last few visits as the line was hideously long due to the baby elephant being on display (the butterfly house is on the elephant trail).

Riding an elephant.
Baby A exclaiming 'Woooowwww!'

Miss G's shot of the giant tortoise. It was the first time we'd seen one move despite ALWAYS visiting the display on our zoo visits (atleast once a month). It was pretty speedy. As you can see, Miss G was hiding behind another kid as the keeper had told the kids to stay behind the barrier because the tortoise liked fingers. Miss G demanded to leave soon after this picture was taken.


  1. Nice bag--yay you! There's somethign about box corners that just doesn't come out in words, but they're such a clever trick. I love them.

  2. Oh that bag is gorgeous. I'm sure the new owner will adore it. Thanks for the link, I'm thinking I will make one each for my sisters. One is about to have a bub. And thankyou for commenting on my blog :) I really like yor quilt design and didn't realise about the 'rute' until you mentioned it lol. It looks great.

  3. Great bag. I love the fabric. I'm sure anyone would be happy to have it.

  4. Lovely bag; are you keeping it? It seems your kids had a great time at the zoo.

  5. it is ur teenage neice here

    the fabric is new-age well done :)
    u havent lost touch with fashion, yet....


  6. I made that bag pattern for my sister two years ago, and like you I was surprised at how large it was. She's super fashionable and I wasn't confident that she'd like it. Anyway, turns out she LOVES it and takes it everywhere, now that its wearing out she wants a new one. So it's a good pattern :) I never noticed a missing page on the PDF though? Perhaps it shows how closely I follow instruction!