Friday, June 11, 2010

Dream a little dream of me...

I am participating in the 'little quilt swap' and have been stumped for a while as to the design. The other night I decided rather than force an idea, I'd let one come to me. So I sat down infront of the teev and switched on the latest recorded episode of 'Glee'. Right at the end of this episode, Kurt, the token gay guy sang (very beautifully) 'dream a little dream of me' and it came to me... a quilt depicting the first verse of the song. So here is the initial drawing and wax paper cut out.
I am now worried about what fabric to use. Initially my idea was to do a traditional silhouette on a dark blue background but Im alittle worried black wont really pop. I do like the look of the white wax paper on the blue. Maybe a white silhouette. Any ideas?

Initial sketch. Not sure how many stars Im going to use. I intend to do reverse applique for the stars.

Wax paper on the dark blue fabric. Ive moved the girl and boy over as there was too much blank space in the sketch.

This project (at this stage) is coming along just as I imagined. Now I need a quick stop over at Spotlight to pick up some double sided fusible webbing.

For all of those in Oz, happy long weekend!


  1. It looks great. I think the white on blue is more "dreamy":) than black would be.

  2. I like the white on blue also.It gives the design more oomph, especially once the stars are added. The design is very sweet and I love the shape of the tree.

  3. Yes to the white on blue!! It's a little like wedgewood china. Lovely!!

  4. This is going to be a lovely little quilt; very dramatic in white and blue. Can't wait to see it finished.