Saturday, July 10, 2010

A cross between a friar tuck cloak and something from starwars

Be it the cream cord or the oversized arm holes, my latest attempt at a dress for my girls (well Miss G) is a failure. Here is the evidence:
As you can see the arm holes are way too big.

The back piece was so big I put a pleat in the back. However, a pleat along with a tie dont really sit right.

The hole the tie passes through is too high so the layer underneath is all puckered.

Im not too sure if I should try to save it or just put it in the pile for scraps. Maybe it will fit better when Miss G is alittle older but she dislikes it so much that I had to bribe her with a chocolate freddo to take these pics :/

I guess I did get a positive out of this... never try to make my own pattern from slightly vague instructions on the internet !

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  1. Oh how disappointing!!! Your floral bias trim looks fabulous though!! =)